Bug - Incorrect track progress and time over bluetooth



I have found a weird bug where, when I play tracks over bluetooth in a car, the progress bar, playback time, and track time get all messed up on the car's display. The track time will read as less than the playback time but not match the track itself. The playback time won't reset between tracks sometimes and won't match actual playback or limits of the track. The progress bar will start a track looking like it's almost played the whole thing or other times will jump back while the track is still playing.

Other apps I listen to in the car like Youtube, Soundcloud, or Google Play Music don't seem to have this issue.

It still displays the correct track info (artist, title, album, etc.) and the controls in the car still change tracks, play/pause, etc. Also, the playback data is correctly displayed on the phone while this bug is happening as well.

I've seen this issue on a Samsung S4 and Google Pixel when connected to a Mazda 3, Subaru Impreza and Peugeot 308 over bluetooth.

Any help would be appreciated!


Same here on a Android device (Galaxy S7) and a new Volkswagen Passat. No problem with Spotify & Co via bluetooth. Problem stays after ugprade from Android 6 to Android 7.

Very annoying - please help!


Yeah this bug is quite annoying. Works fine with other audio apps like Google Play Music, Spotify, Apple Music e.t.c


@MovieFan.Plex, can you help push this bug along as well?


Also having the same issue, Nexus 6P ( Android 7.1.2 ) playing local synced audio content to 2015 Chevy Suburban factory radio and the Sony XAV-AX100 head unit on my car. Seems when skipping to the next song any time played on current song gets added to the play time of the next song which causes it to meet the next songs end time prematurely and skip it. Pressing play/pause key on phone or vehicle mid song seems to reset the counter on the vehicle and the rest of the song will play completely. Occasionally the player progress bar on the vehicle will not display at all.


This issue has been partially fixed. With linux server version, android (oreo) client version I now see the correct total track time in a Mazda3. I do not see a playback time or the progress bar fill, yet I do consider the current state a major improvement over my original report for this issue!

Thank you for working on this one Plex devs! I look forward to future improvements related to this issue and will report back as I see them.


I thought I had searched for similar issues when I posted this but apparently I missed it.

Very similar issues, although things were working 'OK'-ish on my Nexus 6p. I just upgraded to a Pixel 2 XL, and bluetooth functionality in Plex is a wreck. Running the latest server and client, so the partial fix you've experienced has not resolved any of my issues. Basically, only the first track I play when I start plex sends any track information to the head unit in my Chevy Volt. All subsequent tracks fail to update the track info, so the track name/length never change. It will start over at 0:00, but if that first track was 5s long, that's all I'm ever going to see displayed for any other tracks.

It takes a complete close/restart of Plex to send updated information. But even then, only the first track played shows up.

I no longer have the 6p, or I would compare side by side to see if it's specific the the Pixel 2. I suspect not, however, since Google Play Music and other apps change tracks just fine. I think that the Plex app is simply failing to resend track information at the right time, or maybe not sending it at all.