Bug? IPv6 causes 'file not found'



First of all, I really like the Plex -Sonos combo. Bought a lifetime plex pass, especially for this setup.

Today I found out that enabling the IPv6 support in Plex will disable Sonos playback. My plex is running on a raspi-3 .

Symptoms: Sonos (iphone app, Mac OS App) can browse plex content, but playback will result in 'File not found' in the sonos App.

Cause: there is no server listening on, only on ::1:32401, however the logging shows that internal some calls are made to instead of ::1 . See loggings bellow.

Workaround: untick the IPv6 setting in plex.
Fixes: Plex should listen on both IPv4 and IPV6 ports. Or the plex plugin should use ::1 instead of in the libcurl calls.

Hope this helps anybody and the devs can make a fix.

Jun 08, 2017 20:00:59.367 [0x638ff400] DEBUG - TranscodeUniversalRequest: using profile Generic
Jun 08, 2017 20:00:59.371 [0x638ff400] DEBUG - Downloading document
Jun 08, 2017 20:00:59.371 [0x638ff400] DEBUG - HTTP requesting GET
Jun 08, 2017 20:00:59.372 [0x638ff400] ERROR - Error issuing curl_easy_perform(handle): 7
Jun 08, 2017 20:00:59.372 [0x638ff400] WARN - HTTP error requesting GET (0, No error) (Failed connect to; Connection refused)
Jun 08, 2017 20:00:59.373 [0x638ff400] ERROR - HTTP -7 downloading url
Jun 08, 2017 20:00:59.373 [0x638ff400]   /library/metadata/39771?X-Plex-Token=x&includeBandwidths=1
Jun 08, 2017 20:00:59.374 [0x638ff400] WARN - Failed to obtain a streaming resource for direct play of part 36551
Jun 08, 2017 20:00:59.375 [0x727ff400] VERBOSE - We didn't receive any data from ::ffff: in time, dropping connection.
Jun 08,


I have Plex using IPv6 without any problems. I can access it both through IPv6 and IPv4, and my Sonos (which only uses IPv4 still) has no problems playing music from my Plex server as well.

My Plex server is currently running on a WD Pro NAS with both IPv4 and IPv6 set up. I previously had it set up under Windows with IPv6 enabled and had no problems there too.