[BUG] Killing sessions on TV clients have no effect


Noticed a bug when trying to stop playback from plex web on some TV clients.

When inspecting the XML from /status/sessions some TV clients don't have a session id.
And as I have understood it, PMS uses this to kill a session.

When inspecting the network tab in Chrome when killing a stream the Stream id is usually used.
However when it is not present PMS instead used the machineIdentifier from the Player.
The stream gets killed for a second but then starts up again.

I assume this is a bug in the TV clients not supporting being killed?

Some TV clients do get a stream id but it is formatted as token=(streamId). Trying to kill it with either the whole string or just the stream id has no effec.

Example of XML from a client that does not have a session:
<Player address="XXX" device="Samsung TV" machineIdentifier="SOMETIMES_USED_AS_KILL_KEY" model="TV UE55JU7000" platform="Samsung" platformVersion="5.1" product="Plex for Samsung" profile="Samsung" remotePublicAddress="XXX" state="playing" title="TV UE55JU7000" vendor="" version="2.007" local="0" userID="XXX" />

Example of XML from tv client that does have a session:
<Session id="token=(key)" bandwidth="18824" location="wan" />


Also, please increase the duration the kill message is displayed in Plex Web. No chance to read it. Maybe add a OK button as in the iOS client.


@mellets said:
Also, please increase the duration the kill message is displayed

Or allow the message duration to be set.