[Bug] Multipart movies - wrong subtitle for part 2




There is a problem with subtitles and multi-part movies (playing multipart movies was a previous bug for kodi addon).

Assuming there is a 2 part movie:


plex addon for kodi selects the first subtitle when playing the second part (it plays movie-cd2.avi but with movie-cd1.eng.srt subtitle).

The other clients are working as expected.



Can you post a kodi log? Be sure to enable debugging.


I'll do it, thank you.



I've sent the log in PM. pastebin doesn't accept logs greater than 512k, so it was easier this way.

Thank you,


Ohh, this is where that PM came from.

I will make an issue for it, but first can you just attach the file, or upload it to gist.github.com, pastebin.com, etc? It got cut off.


Sorry, I was in a hurry, it was the fastest way...

I've sent a link with the log in PM (multipart movies subtitles are not working as expected).

Thank you,


Issue made! https://github.com/plexinc/plex-for-kodi/issues/123 thanks for reporting.