BUG: Music section for Managed Users is not showing lower sections...



…I think this must be a bug, I experience continuous dots when hovered over a MANAGED USER ‘Music’ section… the sections below recently added etc do not display.

the lower Music sections are only displayed when accessing my ADMIN account.


That does seem like a bug. Can you test with 0.0.94 which I just posted, and then post a log if it still happens? Thanks!


still happening with .94 ...shall have to post log in the morning (bedtime)


@keithskaggs - has this been raised as a Github issue?

still no music sections in .96

do you still require logs?



Yup, still require logs. It hasn't been raised because music works fine for my managed users.


ok, I shall get the logs up here shortly.

off subject - did the Playlist section hubs get resolved too? thought I read somewhere it had been fixed, but I also still have blank space below the Playlist button.


No, its not fixed: https://github.com/plexinc/plex-for-kodi/issues/28


@keithah ,sorry about the delay, logs for my 'no music sections for managed users' can be found here... http://paste.ubuntu.com/23635562/


No prob! I'll have my dev look at it and let you know what he finds.


@mini.plex can you verify GrownUps_ has access to Music Library? We're seeing a 404 error back from the API.. which means Plex thinks you don't have access.

You see Music in GrownUp_ from Web, etc?


@keithah yes I defo have access from GrownUps_ if I actually click into my music section I can see all my Artists and play music, it's only the hub section below which doesn't allow me to see them.

a thought ...I do have admin 'sharing labels' (rights for users) set against my music, so that i can filter out albums I don't want the kids to listen too and viceversa albums under 'Family' with sharing labels set too

...could that be the reason? I shall unset some sharing rights and test

Edit: and to answer your question directly, yes I see music from the server side from user GrownUps


This is an interesting scenario that we can't replicate. If you could do some tests and try to see if there's an option we're overlooking thats causing the 404. It could definitely be causing it. Let us know if you can try to figure out an option that works and let us know the settings and see if we can replicate to try to fix it.


@keithah - I have ran some tests, as I suspected (previous post above)... I can now see my music hub sections, but only if I remove the User> Sharing >Labels and allow through all albums.

interested to know if this can be resolved your end, as ideally I would like to restrict music content to users, via plex, rather than creating separate Music folders (changing my music filing structure ect).


You wouldn't happen to have a Roku client, would you? Just curious if its works there.

Also, I've written up the bug: https://github.com/plexinc/plex-for-kodi/issues/52 and will reach out to Plex to see about how the stuff under the sharing tab works, thanks for working with me!

It's listed as a 'missing feature' since we're not sure how to fix it, and its a feature of lex we need to add. (not technically a bug, since its unimplemented)

What clients have you tested that the label sharing restrictions work? We can replicate them not working, but they also don't work on Roku or Plex/Web..

Also, I assume this is what you are using:


Ok, it appears we've been able to replicate the issue, and we're trying to figure out a fix now. Thanks for reporting and I'll try to let you know when its fixed, but you can track the github issue above for sure.


thanks @keithah ...to answer some of your questions directly.

No I don't have a Roku, I have PMP setup and some iOS devices

PMP - I looked into the issue with PMP and I can access my music, but of course the issue isn't accessing the music its seeing it below the kodi Music Hub. I am no expert, but I am not entirely sure that PMP works with hubs in the same way the Kodi addon does. In PMP the Music Section appears to link directly into the Artists, rather than display a hub info and an option to further drill down to the Music Library (like the movies section works). The PMP Home menu I can see 'Recently Added music' which I guess is the closest PMP comes to mimicking Kodi's music hub . But whether PMP is getting this info from the same place Kodi is I don't know. If so, then it seems they may have a way around the issue.

iOS (iphone) also throws up some odd behaviour... Which seems to further confirm it doesn't work on other devices ...touching Music from my GrownUp_ user account with the server side music restrictions applied Shows all my artists (all good), but then moving to 'Discover' presents a 'No Content' message... Clicking back to my Admin mini.plex account I can however view the Music via 'Discover' Recently added, Top Albums, Most played etc (ie the music hub)

To answer your last question, yes the 'Restricting the Shares' link you posted above is the restriction labels I am referring too.

Thanks for keeping me updated.

Keep up the great work !

ps. whilst I have your attention, playing music in the Plex Kodi addon, is great but the experience is rather ruined when it falls back to the native Kodi Music now playing screen (possibly screensaver related, I'm going to have to look into it further) ...but would be great to keep the focus within the Plex Addon at all times whilst Plex addon music is playing.


Ok, we're working thru this issue, thanks for all the great info!

I'm not sure how much control we have on keeping focus on Plex for that, but I do have a issue in to see if we can turn off screensaver or do something of that nature...