[bug??] - Problem with AC3 and SRT on A95X PRO Android TV box



I tryed play some tv shows. (tv box connected directly to TV, HDMI passthrought is disabled) and i have problem plays some movies.

Supernatural - S01 E01 - AVI , MP3 stereo, external SRT => DIRECT PLAY - everything is OK
12 Monkeys - S01 E02 - MKV, AC3 (5.1) => DIRECT PLAY - but no audio, WHY?
12 Monkeys - S01 E01 - MKV, DTS, external SRT => Video transcoded (H264) - WHY?!?!, Audio transcoded (AAC) - its ok, tv box does not support DTS, audio plays ok. If i disabled subtitle then Video was DIRECT as i expected. but why is video transcoded with srt subtitles?

I attached log from plex server and log from A95X plex


Same issue here with A95X Pro and M8S Pro L.

Issue for me is with AC3 audio.