Bug report for new version of Plex for Samsung SmartTV



Hi folks.

First of all, Plex is my favorite way to watch videos. Thank you for the wonderful work.

I have a bug to report. For about the past week, Plex 2.009 on my Samsung UH50H6400 TV has become very difficult to use. 70% of the time within seconds of opening, the Tools menu (with options for Audio and Picture Settings) appears. When the Tools menu is closed with the "return" button, within a few seconds it appears again, and again, and again, and so on. Selecting audio or picture settings opens the appropriate panels, which when closed leads to the Tools menu appearing again. This happens in any menu level or while watching a video.

At first I thought that my remote control had a stuck button, but this problem does not appear in any other app other than Plex, and the remote that came with my TV does not have a Tools button (I include link to the remote below).

Hope that you have a suggestion or release a fix soon.

Thank you in advance for any help.




2.009 is actually a 3rd party developed app, i moved your discussion to the appropriate group.
There is a member named Orca who does the development and is active on the forums.

I personally also use the 2.009 version myself and currently do not experience what you are reporting.
I will test again on my systems and see if I can see this behavior.


Please try this first:
- Unplug the TV from the wallsocket and leave it without power for a few minutes, then try again.