BUG: Roku client allow managed users to see "Plex Channels"



I have the managed users set up and have unchecked the box in the User settings that says "Allow Channels", however, the managed users still see the option for "Channels". This only appears to happen on my Roku TV but not on any other app (android or my Samsung TV). Is there any way to fix this bug?


Seeing the same thing. Any solution?


Nope. Not yet. It even happens despite the fact that I've logged in with an external user account that doesn't have access to anything but my kids movies/tv shows.


What version of server are you running? just checked here from 1.7.3 and 1.8.0 and seem to be hidden from shared/managed users properly


Plex Media Server Version on MacOS


looks fine on that version as well here. can you sign in to managed users go to the channels then grab the roku logs and server logs


How do I grab roku logs?