[BUG] Samsung app - selection box disappears after standby



After going back into Plex after the TV has been in standby, when you go back to the home screen the selection box for items disappears so you can't see what you have selected. You can still navigate around and press OK to launch things, but just have no idea what you're clicking on. The only way I've found to fix it is to completely exit Plex with the back button, and launch it again.

How to reproduce:
Watch something on Plex on Samsung TV.
Turn TV off (put it in standby) with the power button on the remote.
Come back later, turn TV on again and launch Plex
Go back to the home screen.
Yellow selection box disappears.


Same issue on my new Samsung TV.

Model: UA55KU6000W


I have this too.
Model: UA70KU6000WXXY

*Can the title of this thread have [BUG] added to it?


I also have this issue.


I have a similar problem, but I can't select or play any content at all. I can move up to the server selection and the highlight box appears and will open that menu.
And likewise pressing return opens the exit confirmation dialog that works fine.
Once I exit and restart it's fine again then until it's been in standby for a while and then it happens again, every single time.

Edit: should have said this is on a KS8000, latest tv firmware, and latest available version of Plex, but I've had this problem ever since I've had the TV last year.


Hi, same issue here.
Is there a fix (updated PMS for example) or are peeps just putting up with this?


Appears to have been fixed recently


I am still having this issue. My TV is completely up to date with the latest firmware and I have reinstalled Plex numerous times hoping to fix it. It used to happen sporadically but now it happens every time after powering off. To get it working again I have to completely exit Plex and restart it. Obviously not ideal. Is anyone else still having this issue?


Yup, I get it every single time still.

I’ve given up on it ever being fixed to be honest and just restart plex any time I want to watch something now.