[BUG?] Status icon removed for non-admin accounts



Plex Web v3.52.2 (via plex.tv)
PMS v1.11.0.4666

The Status icon is missing for accounts on my Plex Home other than my admin account. I can still visit the status page by navigating directly to its url: https://app.plex.tv/desktop#!/status but I can't click anywhere to get there.

This means that the Sync Status page: https://app.plex.tv/desktop#!/status/sync is not easily available on Plex Web for the other accounts my family and I regularly use. Items synced to a device from a certain account only show up on that account's Sync status page. So having access to it is important.


Thanks for the heads up!

The status icon was removed for managed users and friends because they should not be administering a server. However you raise a great point - it was the only way to reach the sync page!

We will either restore the status icon, or create another way for the user to reach status page hopefully before next release!


Alternatively (or additionally), you could give the server’s admin account the ability to view (and adjust) all items synced to a device regardless of which account synced it.


I can see where you are coming from with that suggestion, especially in the typical family home scenario. Though in saying that; when we share our servers with a friend - really they should be in full control of their own devices.

I will definitely put forward your suggestion next time we are discussing this area!