BUG: Synced music content doesn't remember track progress



I have music synced from a music library which has "Store track progress" enabled. Synced music does not remember track progress. E.g., I pause music. Later I go back to plex, and through usage of other apps plex has been flushed from memory. On reload and playing the track I was playing previously the position is not remembered and the track starts playing from the start.

as of today, latest iOS and Windows Server versions installed.

I've labelled this as a bug as it's unclear when it is by design, or not functioning as intended. As an end user it doesn't work as I expect it to.


Where is this setting? I have never seen it?


Edit Library -> Advanced -> Store track progress


Can confirm this doesn't work, which is a shame as the only reason I bought a plex pass is to sync my audiobooks. Any word on this?


So if I try to play it from the server instead of the local device it remembers the position. So i have the "Prefer sync content" enabled so in theory it should still be playing my sync file on my local device?


The problem is that the Plex Media Server inside the app doesn't support it… yet.

We're working on an update for that, which will hopefully solve this issue too.


@sergiou87 Is there any concept of timing for this update? I can understand that the work required to store track progress across iOS and PC and keep them in sync requires additional work, obviously this would be the preferable solution. That being said, to track progress storage for a single device that doesn't need to sync I would expect is fairly simple.


I can only say we're actively working on this, I really really hope (but cannot promise) it will be out in 1-2 releases.


@sergiou87 Completely understood, I appreciate the follow up. It is the little things like this that don't always show up in release notes or a roadmap that can be crucial for our usage. Is there a roadmap for Plex that helps show some of the priorities and items being worked on by the team?

Again thank you for your engagement.


Nope, we don't have a public roadmap (or I'm not aware of it). Since priorities change very quickly for multiple reasons (technical reasons, marketing reasons, hotfixes needed, new features…), having such a roadmap public is another job :D

Anyway, regarding the bug at hand, we found some (new) technical issues trying to upgrade the PMS inside the app. The server team is working on it, but it seems it will be delayed a bit :(

Sorry for this bad news!


@sergiou87 The only bad news is 'no news' to be honest. As long as we get a little nudge that the Team has acknowledged and is working on a fix you'll find most of us fairly happy. If we don't hear anything however that's when we think something is not right. What would be nice to have is a bug/issue list that is maintained by the various developers. So that us users can go and check whether a bug has been acknowledged - even if it means that nobody is working on it for the moment as you have other things to do. Alternatively, Plex should/could have someone in the 'customer relations' team that is aware of which bugs have been passed onto the developers and which ones haven't so he/she can just go in the forums, read the problems and say as much as "Thanks for submitting your bug, the developers have already acknowledged it but are currently unable to fix this problem. Once I have an update on the issue I'll let you know" - true this would be the more expensive option than having a ticket/bug list that we can have look at...


Yeah I totally agree with you, I'm also a user of other products and feel completely the same about them. For example, it also happens to us that we report bugs to Apple and we never get an answer :D

So yeah we like to look at the forums from time to time and make sure we answer about everything we know/can (the User Support team does most of the work lately), but it's still really hard to keep up with that and our coding work :'(


+1 - purchased PlexPass to sync audiobooks (and to support dev on an awesome product I use every day). Not having support for 'Store Track Progress' for the local iOS server is a huge PITA, as I need to screenshot every time I finish listening and manually seek when resuming.

Also agreed on the comments above - a public bug report interface would be awesome!


Hoping for an update soon for this, AudioBook playback "resets" playback after a few minutes of being paused. Have to scrub before playing again or after starting playback. Annoying for very long files because of the inaccuracy of scrubbing to the hour:minute:second.

I don't have any service during my daily commute, so playing synced files is the best way for me to go. I've not tried playback from the server, does it properly save track progress?

Thinking of switching to iTunes until this is resolved for AudioBooks, but that's a big PITA.


Believe me, we're hoping for it too :s

The internal Plex Media Server that has support for this was making the app crash, so we had to pull it from the upcoming release and rollback to its current version until we find out what's the problem :disappointed:

I hope this gets resolved soon, it will fix a bunch of issues and it's also taking a lot of our time :confused:


Really appreciate the communication that this is being addressed. Audiobook support, whether directly or indirectly through features like this, is very important. Thanks for the information sergiou87.


Update: we finally fixed the crash, so the fix for this is closer now :)

Thanks for your patience!


That's great news. Thanks for the update Sergou87.


Any update here @sergiou87 ? Been actively checking my iOS version history and notes to see if this comes through or not and haven’t seen anything as of yet. As a related note I suspect that Android is getting the same love to implement this capability? Thanks again for your follow up with this discussion.


Yes! The latest beta of our iOS app already has this feature working :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience!