Camera Sync - Same Photos uploading over and over



I enabled camera sync and the photos all uploaded to my PMS just fine, however if you exit the app or it crashes, then reload it, the camera upload starts uploading again so I end up with a load of photos in PMS with -1 and -2 etc. appended to the filename.

I have tried creating a new album, and reseting the camera upload with the same results.

PMS is the latest version currently available and iOS Plex is the latest version.


Same here! But didn't duplicate all photos,
just duplicated few of them.


Hi, Same here! I am trying it with every release but it is not fixed. A small update: when I am using a local photo directory on Ubuntu server ( not Nas disk) seems to work better... But I would like the pictures on the Nas not on a single disk on Ubuntu :(


I have same issue here - It only duplicates a few photos though! My library/folders are on a NAS as well. I hope this is going to be rectified as the upload feature is otherwise great.


If anyone can get this to work please let me know how -

They always make it sound 'nice n easy' .....................

The latest attempt of a fix now has it trying to upload ONLY from the cloud. I don't have any of my photos in the cloud - they are on my iPhone in the camera roll.

How on earth can they promote this AND sell memberships when the product does not work?


Have just spent a few hours resetting all camera upload settings and am happy to report that it appears to be now working! I reset the Camera Upload in the advanced settings area and setup complete new folders for the upload. It now renames files with date / time and has not replicated any files. I will report any further issues if they come to hand. The app version I am using is 4.11