Camera upload is stuck



My wife is a plex home user, and I have an automatic camera upload setup. However, this says waiting for upload, and is not uploading the photos. I have tried to reset camera upload once, however it has not helped.


Flex user permission for the folder you are uploading…? Maybe… Give a try


She had something like 4k photos on her phone, and it uploaded 3.5k and stopped. There is enough space in the plex server. She had permissions before, so I am not sure what changed mid process.


Ok, so this just resumed uploading on it’s own with no explanations.


I’d be interested if anyone has any ideas for this. I have a similar problem… I am the plex pass holder and have set up a home user account for my wife. I set up my phone with the camera upload feature when it is charging and it seems to be doing fine. I set up my wife’s phone also with camera upload, however her’s just says waiting and that it will upload automatically. I have an android and she has iPhone (which I noticed that some of the fine tuning settings that I had available with my android are not available with her iPhone. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s an iPhone or if it’s because she’s a home user.) I checked upload permissions for her account and she has the permissions. There is also adequate space on the drive.
Has anyone else run across this before? I’ve searched through a lot of different forum posts, but haven’t found anything yet that seems to really address this issue that I’m having. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


I have what sounds like a similar experience. Every time I plug my Samsung Galaxy Tab in, Camera Upload resumes, as it should. But since first initialization about a month ago, it always indicates there are 5 more to upload. 1,006 uploaded. Looking at the Settings status, it bounces between “looking for new photos and videos” and “uploading,” about 2 seconds per cycle. Any hints?