Camera upload merges all photos from subfolders of DCIM flattened to the target album



Camera upload takes all the photos from all the subfolders of the DCIM folder and merges them into the single target folder. That's useless for me. I expected that

1. the folder structure is preserved,

2. only the DCIM/Camera folder is uploaded, or

3. yet better, Plex let me choose the root source folder as well as I can choose the target.


+1 for Option 3

Would be great if you can choose the source folder by yourself or even add additional source folders with different target locations (for screenshots, instagram etc.).


Now that this issue is only a couple of days away from its first birthday, I'd like to asked again for an official comment on this. This issue has 1289 views so far and not a single Plex member expressed any opinion. Is this the wrong forum for questions like this?


Is there any update on this? I too am having the same issue.


Any statement? Its currently pretty useless without any way to change what folders get synced.