Camera Upload not working on Android



At some point back in March 2017, it was working but as of current version (, it's not. Seems to accept settings, but then nothing get's uploaded. When I go back later to Settings > Camera Upload, the settings are lost. I tried deleting the app and re-installing but didn't make any difference. I also took a look at the logs and don't see any mention of the devise trying to upload anything or any associated errors.

I've seen a number of other posts where folks are reporting same or similar issue. At what point to Plex staff take note and acknowledge the issue and try to give some solutions or idea when this might get fixed?


Seems to be typical of Plex for Android these days, one step forward, three steps backwards. My camera upload appears to have stopped in mid April. With sync also broken, there is little reason to even bother having the app installed.


I’m having the same issue. Server is available but camera upload feature not working.


I did get this working finally… after waiting for several upgrades to the server and android app. I also deleted from the server the library (not the files or directory, just the entry in Plex) and then recreated it. After that is started working.