(Camera Upload) What if I don't want Plex to rename my images?



One of the new features on the iOS app is "future photos uploaded with Camera Upload will use a date-based filename format instead of the (sometimes nonsensical) format that iOS gives them."

That's nice and all, if I didn't already have a giant collection of photos using the iPhone's "IMG_xxxx.jpg" naming scheme. Is there a way to turn re-naming off? Most of the pictures aren't on my phone anymore, so I can't just re-sync them.


I'm in a different boat than you. I do want the date-based filename to work but it doesn't seem like it is. I updated both my server and app to the latest version. Deleted my old camera upload sync library entirely as well as all the photos, recreated it, adjusted the settings on my iOS app to point to the new library and then initiated a new sync of my camera roll.

I have 3,400 pictures dating back to my first iphone years and years ago. The reason I want the date-based naming is because I now have some photos with the exact same name, 4 years apart, and it causes the sync a wee bit of confusion. I'm about 33% on this new sync and under neath the covers, on my NAS, the uploaded photos are still named IMG_XXXX.jpg. Maybe it only renames it to a date based filename if there is a conflict but other than that, it's still the sourced (sometimes nonsensical) format?

It still feels like this feature is in flux.


Yeah I''m not sure I'm keen on the date based name (it was a reason I never really stuck with dropbox upload). I'd prefer the older style....or at the very least the old name in the exif data somewhere.

I tend to move files from the upload directory to month based directories (since the plex upload doesn't seem to be able to customise the location - which is a feature I've asked for).


Agreed. The new feature is cool, but would prefer the option to not use it.
Can this be fixed?


I very much second that.
What makes things worse is that is seems that Plex only renames new (date based on only since the upgrade to a certain Version of Plex iOS?) Pictures - even if one removes all prior uploaded ones and does a full reset of Camera Upload. The resulting naming-inconsistency is really messy in my view - and given that the PMS currently does not support date-taken based sorting in Albums the pictures en up on the server in a screwed up order.
@Plex Can you therefore PLEASE add an option to keep the original filename for those who prefer to do so?


I did the same thing and I think you are right Dettwild. I cleaned up everything and then re-uploaded all of my images. All the old ones before the 19th of Dec (when the feature was released) are using the new naming but all the old ones are the same. For me, I like the new naming convention. Please allow us to choose what we want and IF we want to re-upload all of our images, use the same naming convention for ALL images.


First time user, but I noticed that my first camera upload from iphone 7 to my plex server yields a mixed bag naming convention strategy. Odd. I can't come up with a reasoning for each. Some of the photos are screenshots I captured from the phone's built-in screen grab feature; other photos were retrieved over text from friends. But, the naming seems to have no rhyme or reason.

random JPG, PNG, MOV files use this


random JPG, PNG, MOV files use this



Ugh after a recent move to a new plex server I just saw this about half way through the upload of images from my phone. Now I am going to have to go and sort these all over again for duplicates.