CameraUpload - Appears to be working but can't find photos




I've just started using the Camera Upload feature of Plex and I'm a little puzzled.

Everything seems to be working at the Android end, Photos looked like they were being uploaded and the Plex App says it has but the pictures don't appear in my Library.

I've checked the permissions and paths and everything looks OK.

I ran a test today with logging enabled and I get the following lines related to CameraUploader:

Line 7170: 02-16 10:38:44.469  i: [CameraUploader] Amount of items to upload: 1
Line 7182: 02-16 10:38:45.528  i: [CameraUploader] Upload process starts.
Line 7199: 02-16 10:38:46.596  i: [CameraUploader] Enqueuing next photo, queue size: 1
Line 7229: 02-16 10:38:48.664  e: [CameraUploader] Server is not able to process file IMG_20170216_103830.jpg
Line 7230: 02-16 10:38:48.666  i: [CameraUploader] File IMG_20170216_103830.jpg already uploaded.
Line 7242: 02-16 10:38:49.713  i: [CameraUploader] Enqueuing next photo, queue size: 0
Line 7243: 02-16 10:38:49.713  i: [CameraUploader] All content uploaded.
Line 7244: 02-16 10:38:49.714  i: [CameraUploader] Checking if new content has been added when previous one was being uploaded.
Line 7254: 02-16 10:38:49.808  i: [CameraUploader] There isn't new content to be uploaded, finishing process.
Line 7255: 02-16 10:38:49.816  i: [CameraUploader] Finishing camera upload

This seems a bit strange to me.

Can anyone offer any advice on what is going on or any further debug steps I can take?

Many thanks