Can i do virtual reality with plex on my phone?



Hello. I have the recently updated motorola moto g4 plus. I was asking in the plex pass general discussions area if its possible for me to use plex with virtual reality glasses with my phone? And if yes, which glasses should I get? and which accessories?

If no, not the end of the world. i still have plex on my phone.


Yes, No, Maybe?


Plex has no specific virtual reality features. Samsung Gear VR now has a web browser and you can use that to access the PlexWeb client and use your Plex that way.


ok so question. Do i need to have the gear VR or can i just get whatever 50 USD one thats recommended on reddit like the snail vr or BoboZVR4? My question is more general. i just wanna know what i can get with my phone? just looking for advice. so if i get my question answered so i understand, i can give a forum answer. :)


It depends on what app you are using for VR. Plex does not have a VR app. The Gear has a special Samsung app that can load our Plex Web app inside the VR. I don't know what these other VR devices run or what apps they have.