Can I link to external extras?


Hi all,

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm pretty sure in the past Plex linked to external extras to my movies (making of etc.) not just trailers. I cannot see this any more and maybe I just dreamt it. However what I'd like to be able to do is have externally hosted extras (for example on YouTube) for my movies.

Let me use an example to explain what I mean. Lets say I have 'The Empire Strikes Back' on my plex server . There are a number of YouTube videos I could link as extras (this being one). I'd like to be able to see these on the movie landing page and be able to play them through Plex.

Now I know I could use a YouTube downloader and download the videos and use the normal method of adding them in to Plex but I was kind of hoping to avoid this


Settings - Server - Agents - Movies - Plex Movie
click on the small 'cog wheel' icon at the end of the line 'Plex Movie'
then verify that the following check box is not checked
'Skip extras which aren't trailers'