Can I still record live sports without OTA signals using just Fire Stick.


I can't get OTA signals because of where live. I have Firestick where I do receive live sports. Will the Plex Pass still allow me to record Live Sports? I can get Fire TV and a Homerun DVR if it will allow me to record. I have Kodi and Terrarium. Thanks.


No. To record Plex requires a Plex Media Server running on a computer or NAS, a signal (OTA or Cable) and a tuner. You cannot record a streaming channel. Some of the streaming TV services such as Sling TV and Direct TV Now offer a DVR option that might be better suited to your needs.


No, you need a supported tuner (such as HDHomerun tuners) with either an OTA signal (via antenna) or a cable signal (HDHR Prime) that Plex will use to record.

If you have HDHomerun DVR already why do you need to record with Plex. DVR means Digital Video Recorder.