Can not connect to my account (HTTP error 408)



Trying to connect my Plex account on Oculus Go - it sits at “Signing In” for about a minute, then gives “HTTP Error Code 408” as the error message.

I am the primary account holder, have lifetime Plex Pass... server is up to date...

Not sure what else I can do??

Suggestions appreciated.


Same thing with Plex on Mirage Solo :frowning:


408 is a timeout message, you can try again later in case it was a transient server-side issue. Otherwise, is there anything special about your network security? Any issues signing into other apps?


No issues with other apps on the headset. The network also has iOS, tvOS, Android, Roku, and macOS Plex clients running without issue.

As for the network security - it is an insanely complicated network at my parents house in the middle of nowhere. LTE network connection distributed between their house and four outbuildings, always-on VPN at the router w/ a static IP for 1/2 the network (anything that requires incoming connections) and split tunneling for 1/2 of the 1/2 :slight_smile:

That said, everything else works fine. Perhaps it /was/ transient and since all the other Plex devices were already authenticated, it will work the next time I try it. Just seemed super unusual…