Can player controls be automatically hidden on video opening?



I've been curious about this for a while, but only really started to use the Windows 8.1 RT app again recently on my Surface RT and wanted to ask.

Basically, I like to shuffle seasons of shows quite a lot, and it gets a little awkward that every time one episode (or any play queue item, really) ends and a new one begins, the play control overlay (the skip previous / next buttons, play / pause button, and advanced playback controls when enabled) appears, and I have to tap the screen again to hide it.

Is there any way to configure my Surface or the Plex app so that tap is no longer necessary?


I've tried to reproduce the issue, but the controls always disappear for me after a few seconds...


Thanks for responding!

I tried reproducing the issue again, thinking I was just being impatient, and while the controls seem to fade (after ten seconds or more) when starting a new item, I have yet to see them disappear upon skipping to or starting a new item in a play Queue. I waited about five minutes after the new item started, and the controls were still visible.


Thanks pombeirp, I'm not sure if I just wasn't updated to the most recent version or what, but my problem has now been resolved and the controls are hiding as expected. Hooray Surface RT? :D


I know that it’s a very old topic but I had this problem.

To solve, I’ve done:

  • Open Plex
  • Swipe in the right side of screen (To show Windows Menu)
  • Open Settings menu
  • Open Interface option
  • Enable “Keyboard and remote control input”

Thank you!