Can’t see content on iPad v5.0.2. Please help




On my iPad, on an older Plex app version everything worked fine and I could watch my shows and movies with no issue. That changed going to the new version. Now no shows or movies show up. I can’t search them either. On my phone and desktop I can still see all my content. I don’t get how to fix. I know it can see my server because my server sees my iPad connect. For one I cannot find how to change servers and. Have looked everywhere in the app. The new up looks clean but testers or documentation for this suck. Regret having upgraded.


Bump. I'm soo confused. My iPad version of plex is completely unusable at the moment. On my Android phone, wife's iPhone, web, apple tv I have absolutely no issue at all with my plex content. It's only on the iPad it doesn't work at all. The app will launch but shows no content. Clicking to add content does nothing other than open the support site. I cannot see the server in the top left of the screen to toggle to a different server. If I click on movies nothing displays, if I click on tv shows it shows me Plex cloud (again won't let me change servers). My Plex cloud I don't use anymore and I only use my local server. I can't seem to find anything on how to get around this issue and nothing in the settings seems to point to a fix.

Would really appreciate if someone knows how to get around this issue. My wife uses the iPad version religiously for everything and has used it for years and now it's just completely fubared. Not happy


Ok this is the weirdest thing. Turns out it was not connected to the right router. I have 2 routers in my house, 1 for the internet and one for my internal network. Plex is on my internal network only. In fighting through things I noticed the wifi IP being shown was wrong. It was supposed to be but was showing the info for my other router even though i had selected the correct wifi. I cannot explain why this was happening but strangely it was. After disabling wifi on the one router and forgetting the connection on my wife's ipad and reconnecting it decided to use the right IP and now works. Strangest thing I have seen in a long time but glad that it is working again. Perhaps this will help someone in the future.