Can the PS4 or PS4 Pro’s AMD 8 Core Jaguar transcode & play (using PLEX App) 10bit 1080p H265?



I would have thought with enough techies out there the answer would be everywhere but I can not get a definite answer. This is the set up. A QNAP TS 451 4G RAM Intel J1800 Bay Trail 4 Bay running (4) 6TB WD REDS in RAID 5. Read speeds around 230MB/s and PS4 & NAS would both be connected via Ethernet to AirPort Extreme, although my Wireless N (3 antenna) laptop gets 20MB/s to 40MB/s over the air (for reference so not sure how many WiFi antennas PS4, has but imagine would pull something similar if I had to run via WiFi and is sure a heck lot faster than 12Mbps or whatever bitrate needed for the stream.) Now to get to the “meat” of what matters. The J1800 SoC does have hardware acceleration of H264 but no ability to Hybrid decode H265. I own Roku Ultra the plays ANY H265 from the QNAP NAS (over WiFi) but I know it has hardware acceleration for 10 bit H265 and is doing the decoding and playing. All the QNAP has to do (I believe is keep up with the compressed H265’s bitrate and as long as the PLEX client/player can even software decode 10bit H265 1080p I can play it. To give perspective my Roku 3 completely stalls and freezes even attempting a 10bit H264 720p in 2.0 stereo, but I also know an Intel i3 can manage a software decode and cannot for the LIFE of me find the right into proving or disproving an PS4’s AMD 8 Core Jaguar Can software decode (and transcode) H265 using ITS PLEX app in software? I know the Pro’s GPU doesn’t help, and hate how misleading the “based on Polaris” term they use is, when Polaris DOES do H265. I also question whether a overclocking from 1.6GHz to 2.1GHz (PS4 vs Pro) is going to make the complete difference but know Netflix is allowing 4K content onto the Pro, when it requires H265 support? Can the “base” PS4 do the software decode/transcode via PLEX? Remember I’m serving LAN using QNAP NAS that CAN’T do it and all work falls on the PLEX client/player. My buddy was streaming 12GB 10 bit H265s from an i7 4th gen Dual Core Ultrabook for his PS4 and was playing perfectly but he forgets the i7 is likely doing all the work?! My NAS can only handle the bitrate and that’s it. I’d love to even have a Passmark Score for both PS4/PS4 Pro, but even THAT seems hard to come by to even have something to give me an idea! My ULTIMATE “wish” was to use PS4 Pro to stream stored 10bit 1080p H265 movies from my QNAP and then (properly) Checkboard upscale them to a new 4K TV. I also have a home theater set up I spent 2 years building (vintage English speakers etc) and do also use a Mid level network RX 575 receiver which I do question it’s handling of HE AAC 5.1/7.1 Audio and if that put any extra requirements on things but again, using a Roku Ultra Plex App and movies streamed from QNAP and same Yamaha AVR handle it all perfectly and I (believe) the AVR is converting HE ACC to DD on it’s own. The point is I’m never going to Native 4K 60GB content on a 4 Bay NAS, or any NAS. It’s just too expensive when suddenly 18TB only will hold 275 movies if they are 60GB. Let alone 120GB H264 copies! I just want to start saving in H265 to converse space on my NAS to get more life out of a near $2000 investment once you factor in 6TB NAS drives and then a Thermalake Dual Bay docking (toaster) station and yet TWO MORE 6TB drives to save a hard back up, and (of course) the extra 6TB drive you should have to hot swap the sec any HDD in the RAID 5 fails. It’s already I look of work and I’m an “ex” gamer just returning to it and working my way through PS3 titles and living 3 year in the past is MUCH cheaper. Plan NOW was to get a PS4 or some sort, even if I didn’t decide I want to upscale, and buy and play $10 used PS4 games now. Meanwhile I’d PREFER to not need to also buy another streaming box to play H265 and likely if I could get a definite “yes” the AMD Jaguar (via Plex) in software with handle it, I’d likely spring for the PS4 Pro and have one single, slightly future proofed solution.