Can we have an end to the constant crashes?



I love having Plex on the PS4, so thank you all for your hard work!

There is a however of course: I love that you spend time on all these new features for Plex all over the place, but before you put any more energy into that, can we have an end to the constant crashes of the PS4 Plex client?

They always play fine, but browsing is like Russian roulette with the code base, and I'm running out of creative but mild insults to put in the crash submissions. (So if you ever run into "Your father thinks you should reconsider your coding career", that was me).


#3 well?


Hello? Vacation?


good luck even getting a response, plex work on a given version like once a year. it’s consistently the only thing on my playstation that crashes, daily.

we still don’t even have ps pro support despite everyone else managing to figure it out, nevermind a fix for basic things like it crashes all day long


What most companies seem to not get, is that it’s the lack of communication that is the most anger inducing.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who is aggrieved by this…

I’d be most grateful to see an end to the constant crashes