Can you Cast Music/Audio to Wireless Speakers?



If it is possible, can anyone suggest wireless speakers to use?


they would either need to be Airplay enabled ( but i have never used any myself so cannot recommend any particular ones) or just get something that is bluetooth and will connect like any bluetooth headseat/headphones etc


I have speakers that are AirPlay enabled, but I still can't cast music to them...

I'm not sure why this is - I have my PMS running on my NAS, Plex client on my Android phone to browse, select, and cast from.
I can cast to a ChromeCast connected to my TV, but not to my AirPlay / DLNA enabled speakers :(


I was hoping to do the same thing but I have the same problem - my wireless Airplay/DLNA speaker isn't recognised by Plex. Did you ever solve the issue?


I downloaded an app called AirAudio and can now cast to an Airplay compatible speaker. It's not perfect, but does work.


For car audio JBL I prefer JBL its design and has the best quality speakers


I use chromecast audio with Plex and find it great.