Can you sync to MicroSD card on Chromebook with Android app?



I'm looking to purchase a Chromebook and I was wondering if it's possible to have the Plex Android app sync to a SD card plugged into the Chromebook.

Most Chromebooks don't have a ton of storage space built in, so I'd rather use an large MicroSD card if possible.


I’d like to know an answer to the same question. Ideally before I buy a new Chromebook. It appears sdcard access from Android apps is supported from ChromeOS 61 onwards, but not all apps can use it.


It looks like MicroSD support is currently in the beta release of Chrome OS:


@krische said:
It looks like MicroSD support is currently in the beta release of Chrome OS:

Yes, it started to be somewhat supported in 61, but the question here is whether the Plex Android app is able to fully take advantage of it. Many apps still cannot access SD Cards even in that Chrome OS version. Hit or miss by the looks of it.


Agreed, some of those comments on there don’t inspire a lot of confidence. I think I might just save up some money for a Surface instead of a Chromebook.


I own a Samsung chromebook plus, and Plex android app does NOT see the external sd card, let alone be able to sync to it. Really upset about this because I probably now need to find an alternative to Plex…


@hassaa What ChromeOS build are you on? Can you try the beta channel?


I have a an asus chromebook flip running chromeOS build 62. SD card can’t be seen by plex but is seen by android settings app. Seems to be a plex issue? Sorry for thread necro. “Developers will need to update their apps to support the Android Storage Framework.” is what I’m seeing on the issue online.


I have an Acer R13 on ChromeOS Version 63.0.3239.140 (Official Build) (32-bit) and the Plex app cannot see the SD card for Mobile Sync.


Apparently Plex needs to be updated to support the Removable Storage API:

@jesusmc and @antoniolg - is there any chance of this happening?


how hard can this be?