Cannot Access Server Settings / Or Update Library From within LAN



When i go to http://hostname:32400/web i cannot update my library or access the server settings. It is also recognizing me as "REMOTE", when i am accessing via LAN

Also when I go to I am recognized as "Nearby" and i cannot access the server settings or update my library.

Any help?
I cannot access via localhost as i have this installed on a headless raspberry pi.



create a SSH tunnel to it:

Scroll down to On a Different Network It'll work the same


Still having the same problem after going to localhost:8888/web and using ssh tunneling


PMS will see you as "Remote" if

a) the subnet ID's are different
b) the netmasks are different.
c) you're not using an official RFC 'private LAN' address range

Since you are on the 192.168.x.x, we don't need worry about "item C".

Go back into the host, Stop PMS, rename 'Preferences.xml' to 'Preferences.xml.old' and restart
when you access it next, it will behave as a new installation.

Go through the fresh startup / first run wizard EXCEPT do not create any new libraries. Your existing libraries will be waiting for you when you finish the wizard and arrive at the Dashboard.


What is the difference between "Remote" and "Nearby"?

In answer to your above question they are both in the same subnet and have the same subnet mask.

I have not made any network changes the only thing i have done is update plex software and I can no longer update my library or access the server settings.

When I did the Advanced.xml rechange when starting up plex i get the following error

Server Setup

Name Media Library Finish
A problem has been detected with a core component of Plex Media Server.

Please visit the forums and provide your logs, as described here.


"Remote" means it had to reach out to and come back in for the connection.
"Nearby" means it could establish a direct LAN connection to the server.

most common causes are firewalls and netmasks. Also, If not running a RFC-compliant "Private Network" address range, PMS's security will step in and protect the server, forcing "remote".

For ref, just in case.


Thank you for the help, its weird that i am running into these problems now. I have used for plex for years and never had this issue. I think I am just going to reinstall everything and hopefully that sorts everything out.