Cannot access server web site



I am running PLEX inside a centos 7 server Virtual Machine. The centos 7 server runs fine. I can ping the server and ssh into it. However once I install PLEX I can no longer connect with ssh and the web site in not accessable. I have checked and PLEX is running. The tunnel doesn't help. I have read and tried just about all the supposed solutions and none of them work. I am pretty much in a quandary. The installation went so smooth I thought it was a very nice application.
So any ideas why I can't access the web site or can't ssh?


You have Plex running but then install Plex? Please clarify further what you’re installing? Are you installing a player/client app?

One of the most common problems running in a VM is the network addressing. By default, most VMM puts the guest OS on a NAT LAN (different IP address and subnet). This makes a mess for players but explains why SSH works.

First recommendation, without knowing more:

  1. Look at the IP address range of your LAN (e.g. 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x) and make certain the IP of your VM Guest Linux is the same subnet
  2. Next verify the adapter is of type BRIDGE.
  3. Lastly, Give the Linux host an IP address to make it appear as another computer on your LAN (as if a real machine).
  4. Now verify firewall ports are open.