Cannot control chromecast audio, instead get message that surround sound is enabled, use tv remote



So I am using a plex media server (updated to newest version half an hour ago), streaming media over ethernet to my chromecast ultra. I cannot change volume from my android device or my google home assistant, when I try it tells me that surround sound is on and to use the tv remote.

Is this normal for surround sound not to be controllable from chromecast? I've never had this issue streaming any other content outside of plex media server. Is there a way for me to disable surround sound (I don't have that many speakers anyways) so that I can get volume controls back? Lack of native volume control isn't really an acceptable answer from my point of view.

Everything looks and sounds great, but I really want to be able to turn the volume up or down without having to search for a tv remote.


I’m having this problem too, its only started happening recently as well.


Me as well. Can’t find setting to disable. No obvious way to gain control.


Happened to me too today. Looked into it for quite awhile but couldn’t find any answers or settings that might fix it. I did notice though, that on my end, it only does it with movies in 5.1. Played another movie right after and didn’t have any problems controlling the volume via the phone/Chromecast.


Started happening to me today also. Wtf.


I’m seeing the same thing in Netflix though. Must be a chromecast problem.


Any update on this? I have the same issue


I’m having this issue too


I’ve been having the issue as well, but after converting the audio file in handbrake it works just fine. Change the audio file to one that works like mp3 and make sure the mixdown is stereo (I’m still a noob with this software and AV files but I know that works). If you don’t want to lose your 5.1 mixdown you can do all this reformatting and duplicate the audio file (as many as you like) with differing mixdowns. I keep most of my 5.1 because I plan on getting a better sound system but for now I just have my tv. Be warned though, this will increase the file size.

Software: Handbrake
Supported Chromecast codecs:


Same problem since a few weeks.

Quite frustrating together with transcoding stutter unless i revert ‘Auto/20Mbps’ to ‘Original Quality’ which might not be related but started at the same time.


Problem has been present since october :