Cannot get 32400 external port to work...


#1 only gets external ports via uPnP (port 17075 and the likes), but the funny thing is that both my Alexa Echo and Echo Dot now can play an album entirely TO THE happened al of a sudden, because prior to that situation port 32400 was perfectly set through NAT and it stopped to work. I am a PlexxPass and DDNS user if you need that information. Thanks for your help.


Don’t understand the point about Alexa

To get a specific public port as opposed to random uPnP one, you need first to do the following

  • Set the local IP address for the server to be static / DHCP Reserved in the router
  • Setup a port forward in the router to forward your chosen public port (eg 32400 as you mention in the title) to be forwarded to local port 32400 for tcp to go to the local IP of the server
  • Set the server setting for remote access with show advanced selected to tick manually specify port and to enter the public port (32400) in the box



a) Some days ago, port 32400 internally and externally forwarded to server IP address…“manually specify port” selected. Everything OK, but Alexa never could finish an entire album when asked to play…

b) Yesterday night, port forwarding to external 32400 got broken, only being able to get external access through router’s uPnP assignment (e.g. port.17075)…when “manually specify port” is ticked it refused to work with a manually assigned port…but when getting back to the initial uPnP assigned port scenario, Echo devices could play the whole album or playlist when asked to do so using Alexa voice recognition…Weird.


Each of these needs to be investigated with diagnostics provided.

If the first issue is confined to Alexa then a forum post should be raised on the alexa forum with server logs for the period of playback and failure with debug logging enabled and details of what was being played and time of failure

For the second issue - loss of manual port forward / external port 32400 - this would need to be investigated with details of what the router settings show in port forward table, details of the DHCP Reservation Table to show that the local IP of the server is reserved in DHCP and details of the server network setting and debug log to show it no longer working