Can't delete recorded TV Shows



I have Plex Media server running on Windows 8.1, and I'm using the Plex channel on the Roku to watch the shows. Ever since I purchased a new computer (running Windows 8.1, where I had Windows 7 on my old PC), I can't delete shows from the Roku Plex app. I have the option to allow clients to delete content checked on the Plex Media Server, and I have rebooted my PC to make sure that took effect. The option to delete the show appears on the list on the Roku Plex app, but when I select 'Delete', it doesn't do anything. (This used to happen occasionally with my old PC, but the show would usually allow me to delete it a few days later). I've also opened the Plex Media Server web interface, and ran a deep scan of the Video folder (I record shows with Windows Media Server (.wtv) file, and then use MCDBuddy to convert to .MP4 file).


I'm on Plex Media Server version, and I have made sure the Roku Plex app is at the latest version.


When I hooked up my new PC running windows 8.1, I had to resinstall the Plex Media Server too. I installed the latest version, which I believe is a new version that what I was running. So I'm not sure if the issue started because of the Windows upgrade, or because of the Plex upgrade.


Any help is greatly appreciated.







Anyone got help for my post above?


I was looking for this as well, and found this in case anyone else ends up on this page looking. Deleting media is an “advanced option” you have to turn on:
Enable Deletion- To start, you’ll have to make sure that the ability to delete media is enabled for your Plex Media Server. This an advanced option is found under Settings > Server > Library.