Can't find mismatch in very large Movies section.



Hey guys.

I added the movie, "the conjuring" but it seems to be stacked on top of a mismatch.

My problem is, I have over 1600 movies, and have no idea where that movie is.

How do I find my movie back and match it to the right title?



p.s. I tried giving the movie the imdb tt number to make sure its matched correctly but it does not help.


Take it out of scanning folder, run a scan, empty trash, and put it back in, named correctly.  "The Conjuring" is not named correctly.  


if it was stacked with another movie it would have a blue number 2 on the poster. in which case you can filter by duplicates and just view those. i would imagine there are not too many.

if it was ignored for some reason and not added to the Plex database at all then you can use dane22s Find Unmatched

I would move "the conjuring" out of your movie folder, update library, empty trash, clean bundles, put the file in a folder called "The Conjuring (2013)" and put that back in your movie folder and update library again


okey, spend the last 45 min searching though the stacked movies. Found out I had more double files then I thought.

I did find the movie, with the right cover art but a wrong name.

Very strange.....

I was called "The warren files" editing the file manually.