Cant Log into son's android account!!!!



I baught the app for my son's tablet back in july 2014... he hasn't used it for a little while but wanted to use it recently so I had to redownload the app for him and when it asked for a password I thought I knew it but apparently I don't... so I try the reset password option but it wont send an email to his gmail with the instructions to reset it... I still have the original email from gmail that verifies I purchased it for his account... please help.....


The activation purchase is based on the Google Play account, not the Plex account. Make sure to install the app using the same Google Play account that bought the app in the first place. After installing the app, if it still doesn't recognize the purchase, there should be a "restore previous purchase" button at the bottom where it asks you to activate the app.

If you need help with your son's account, PM me his username and I'll see what I can find out.