Can't see Sync'ed content when going into Airplane mode.



I have been seeing some posts over on the Android forum about not being able to see sync'ed content when going into airplane mode and I hope I am just missing something.

If I am on my non-synced (Library) and switch to Airplane mode, it shows I am offline. I then shows that it switched over to Music (On this device) but I have NO way of getting to it. Even if I go under my account and click Offline Browsing it still does not show up at all.

I think this is the bug.

If I am on Music (On this device) before hand and turn on Airplane mode then it seems to work and I can go to my (sync'ed) music just fine.

Anyone else seeing this?


@ASiDiE I’ve been able to reproduce that. Thanks for the report!


I am having the same problem. Ever since I updated, I can’t see anything that is synced. That is the reason I got Plex to begin with. When offline, all I see is a dog in outer space. I can still browse to the folder on my device and watch things with the android player, but I can’t see anything through Plex. I’d like to go back to an earlier version in until you all get this sorted out.


I’m not having that problem. In airplane mode I can listen to my synced songs.
However using the search function finds nothing.

Search only works for me when my phone has an Ethernet connection to the plex server. A real let down in my opinion.

The new framework may be sexy, but basic app functionality shan’t be thrown away.