Can't view new 4k videos



Hi, I have been trying to watch movies on my roku player but for some reason I can’t see the video, its either green or grey screen. I can hear and see the subtitle.

Anyone have same issue?




Nice, no one going to reply? how do I one a response from dev here.

all the logs were sent via ROKU


You might want to check out this Roku support site. Your TV might need additional configuration to get 4k HDR content to display correctly.!

Many TVs that support HDR do not enable HDR by default.


I already went through this article, the fact that everything is working pretty good except leads me to decide that its a plex issue.

I can watch crystal clear on emby, there is no issue from roku side.


Is your 4K movie playback transcoding? As a test, you can also try forcing direct play via video playback options and see if that improves the video playback.


its working fine with trans coding but green screen with direct play.


Do you mind private messaging me a sample of your video?


do you still need to see the video? I was busy with job and didnt had time to check. the problem is still there.