Cast to Chromecast always transcode video higher than 20 mbs



That bug appears from 5.10.0 version of android app. Cast from web happens without any problem. Please fix that.


Are you really using 5.10.0? That is a really old version. Please update to the latest and see if you still have the same issue.


I use 5.9.X because this version correct casting to chromecast, all newest version has this bug (((


I’ll need the log from the latest version. There have been a lot of changes since 5.9 so if there is a problem, it might not be the same problem. I can only diagnose problems with the latest version of the app so I can test and find the cause.

Edit - To be clear, if it works from Web, then it should work from Android. When casting it does use the casting device’s profile to determine what it can or cannot direct play.