Casting from mobile pauses when screen is turned off



Running the latest beta and now when I cast to my Rasplex, if I am on the main episode screen or the season screen of a TV season and the screen sleeps, the casting pauses. If I go back up higher, to the main screen (on deck, new, etc) I can shut off the screen and the stream stays playing. Just started with this latest update.

Nexus 6P, Android 7.1.1


I have the same behaviour when casting to Chromecast with the latest beta.
Nexus 6P, Android O (dev preview 2)


Just updated to and same behavior.


If you haven't posted this in the Android (mobile) beta board it probably won't get the attention it needs. @Nobodyin303 you might want to comment on the thread jens.bergqvist started in the beta board.


I am having this problem too with the same beta version @Nobodyin303 mentioned and the update after that one.

I can workaround it, when the focus is taken off of Plex, pull down your notifications and resume playing from the Chromecast status.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950U (T-Mobile)
Android N 7.0
Samsung Experience Version 8.1


This issue appears to be solved in the latest beta (