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Has anyone been able to Cast a Plex Channel? I am able to Cast a movie using my android app and Plex Media Server. It gets to the point where it look like it is loading but gets stuck on 0:00. Thanks.


I'm seeing the same problem with channels. I've tried the NBC and CBS channel and the both just sit there acting like they are loading but never start playing.


Same here... I can cast any of my media, channels are stuck loading


CNN cast just fine but I had issues with CBS and a coupe of others.


Thanks for the response. Good to know I am not the only one having this problem. I was able to Cast the CNN channel. I will continue to test others, and post which ones work. Hopefully, we will see a fix for this issue soon.


I just noticed that this issue is not limited to the Android App. I get the same results Casting with Plex/Web.


I have the same issue with A&E and CBS...didn't really try any other channels or queue entries.


I have been able to get CNN, FOX, NFL, and Crackle to work. 


I have been having problems with the HockeyStreams channel.  Just perpetually loads.


BBC iplayer channel does not cast either.


I also cannot cast NBC or ABC


There is a similar post in the Android section where I posted a server log of a CBS show not casting.


The History Channel also works.    What I really want to be able to cast is WatchESPN....anyone know how?


Basically, a channel has to be able to Direct Play to work for sure.  Not a whole lot of sites support the necessary kind of stream, unfortunately.  I *think* other sites that use HLS or RTMP ought to be able to play with help from a Plex Media Server.  Beyond that, I don't think other kinds of streams are going to work for channels.


The one I found to work are crackle, Ted talks and the onion.

Not working BBC iplayer, ustream and YouTube (though as YouTube is castable anyway that one isn't exactly a problem)

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