Cellphone-EVO 3D Plex Streaming


Well, I have dug up my EVO 3D device and decided to see what I needed to do to stream 3D contents from Plex to the phone via WiFi.
And I say, I have success.

I no longer need to place any movies on the SD card to watch. I just link to Plex via my app to watch.
I have done 3 videos so far of different types as source to mp4 as outputs.
Now the issue I have is that the phone is 4.0.3 android. The app installed is Plex Pass. I no longer have plex pass but the app is still working.
Also Plex app now needs 4.1 and up. So that brings in a issue with version of app you need to place on the phone if you do not have the app.
So I need to either find an app around the age of the plex pass I have or save the apk so just in case the apk goes belly up.

So if you want the settings, I can supply it. I'm using an older Handbrake. I will check later using the latest handbrake to see I can port the settings.


It sounds like you got lucky and your Plex Pass credentials have been cached and have not been revoked as yet.

If you start messing with the app or try to re-install the app, there is a very good chance the Plex Pass features will stop working, your credentials will have changed and will no longer be cached.

As you are already aware, you need to have Jelly Bean version 4.1 or later for Plex to work. So maybe it’s time to upgrade that phone.


I know I’m lucky in that respect. The phone is not even on a plan now (Sprint). It is a 3D phone and I’m looking at seeing if someone did a rom to at least 4.1 or higher keeping 3D working.
I see some new phones that have 3D yet. So maybe…
And yes, I have LG V30 as a main phone…

Note: Found an old backup of the phone with a plex that was working. Added that and all is good. Deleting the plex.pass that I had from back then.