Change "Kodi Plex Addon" Client name



Hey guys,

Is there any way I can change the default name of the AddIn (Kodi Plex Addon) to anything custom?

The reason why I ask this, is because I use a Plex Channel (HelloHue) which triggers an Action (Turn Lights on / off) when a specific Client plays some Content. Currently any Kodi Client which runs the Plex Addon presents itself with the same name (Kodi Plex Addon), which will always turn on / off my lights.

Thank you!


Hi. Friendly name cannot be changed as of now.


Have the same problem but with Chromecast! :(


@Jonte110 said:
Have the same problem but with Chromecast! :(

Nothing to do with Plex for Kodi.


change your host name on each box, PFK uses this as part of friendly name.