Change plex Audio output using Alexa



So I'm thinking of buying an echo dot but i have a quick question

I have a Nas box with Plex server on it connected to my Mac that i'm using as the plex client which pushes to my samsung TV

I know if I tell Alexa to play music or a movie on my mac plex client she will play it on my tv if i have it turned on BUT I also have speakers set up with my mac so I can play music without the TV being on, currently i just change the audio output setting on the Plex client on my mac to the speakers and it works.

So my question is when i have Alexa can I ask her to change the audio setting on my mac plex client to the speakers and ask her to change back to the TV when i have the TV turned on?



Nope, Alexa only controls media playback - it doesn't have the ability to tell your computer to switch audio playback sources.


Thanks for the quick response, I've been out and bought one anyway so I'll figure something out :)