Changing default language has no effect



Hi to all!
I need your help.
In Apple TV Plex App I change default language to Russian, but it doesn't work!
This issue I noticed only for additional user.
When I want to view film with English and Russian languages I receive, by default, English track. Than I change manually track for this movie to Russian, and view it in Russian with English subtitles. Now I need to switch subtitles off.

I need to do it for every movie every time I start it for the first time.

Can anyone help me with that?



Just change default settings in your PMS.


@"T'hain Esh Kelch" said:
Just change default settings in your PMS.

I've done it. But this works only for main user that controls PMS. :(



Same problem on my side. Default language on PMS set in french but on my additionnal user on Apple TV app, default audio language is English

Have an Idee when it wil be resolved?

No problem on Windows 10 application