Changing the subtitle settings before the video has loaded, causes the change to not take action.



When I turn of the subtitles before the video has loaded, the subtitle is still on when the video loads even when my settings is set to “none”.

I have to re-enable and disable the subtitles again after the video has started playing, in order to disable the subtitle.


@Mr_Democracy are you able to replicate this consistently ?

When I turn of the subtitles before the video has loaded

Do you mean you turned them off on the pre-play screen (page with the movie poster, and actor information etc.); or were you able to replicate this by changing the subtitles from the player controls you have pictured above ?


From the player controls. Same as what you see in my screenshot. Yes, it happens consistently. If the subtitles where on when I started the video, I have to do the disable, re-enable, disable thing for it to go away.

Another thing that can happen while the video is loading, if I quickly switch between subtitle 1, subtitle 2 and then no subtitle, is that subtitle 2 will still active while no subtitle is selected in the player settings.


@Mr_Democracy I spent a bit of time trying to replicate and can’t :sweat:

If you answer a few more questions for me I might be able to replicate eventually:

  • Which version of web player are you using ? (Settings->Web and version is towards top of that page)
  • Which version of PMS are you using ?
  • Is it a local PMS ? (and your network is fine I presume)
  • Browser is Chrome ?

  • Version 3.37.2
  • Version
  • It’s a remote connection. My internet speed is 16,9Mbp/s Down, 1,06Mbp/s Up and has 38ms ping.
  • I use Chrome