Chapter skip on Android TV?



Hi all,
I'm really enjoying this Kodi add-on so far especially that I cannot get audio passthrough via optical with the Plex app on my Sony Android TV. In Kodi it works beautifully so this is the route I'm taking for now.

I have a question about the navigation while watching video. How do I skip chapters? It seems I can use the left/right on my remote and when I get to where I want I have to hit select/enter. While that's working for manually skipping I can't seem to figure out how to jump to chapters. I see the tick marks on the timeline but that's it. Is it not implemented or am I missing the obvious?

Any help is appreciated.


The tick marks you can up arrow to use them, then click enter. We have a enhancement issue listed to make ‘Big Seek’ as we call it to utilize chapters but haven’t had time to implement it yet.


Well, of course, right after I post I happened to stumble across it and of course it was obvious.

Answering in case someone else has the same question:
During playback with no on-screen control overlay, if you press Up or Down it will bring up the overlay and will automatically be in the chapter skip line. Pressing Left/Right will jump back/forth between chapters where you can see which one is selected. Press Select/Ok/Enter to jump there.

If, while on the chapter line, you press Down you will be on the rew/ffwd line where you can press Left/Right to jump about 10-15 seconds or if you hold Left/Right it will scroll along. When you get to where you want press Select/Ok/Enter to jump to that location.

Pretty neat, actually. I saw the note where the Kodi navigation method could not be used and although I really like the Kodi version, this works very well, too.


Oh wait… We support Chapters now?! I didn’t realize, awesome. :slight_smile:


Haha! Yeah, it’s working well for me!


Great, glad to hear!


@keithah said:
Oh wait… We support Chapters now?! I didn’t realize, awesome. :slight_smile:


I don’t think chapters are currently supported. The functionality described above by @RobPo is not actually skipping chapters - at least for me it isn’t. The ‘chapter line’ he reference above is simply skipping ahead a set number of minutes (the amount of time it skips seems vary depending on movie duration, but with a given movie the amount of time skipped is the same for each ‘chapter’).

Further proof that chapters are not supported is that the actual chapter skip buttons on the osd are grayed out. At least they are for me (all my movies are h.264 in an mkv container).

So, can you please make sure you still look at adding chapter skip functionality? Would be awesome if you could incorporate the chapter images like the android tv plex app does.



You are correct, we don’t, but I’m glad @RobPo is happy with Big Seek! Chapters is definitely on the list: and we will likely use the chapter images as well.

Big Seek was actually one of the few things that weren’t part of the spec that @ruuk came up with himself and slipped in and Plex was happy with it enough to keep it. They haven’t fleshed out (or at least told us) exactly how seeking will work on PMP with the new UI, so there’s a high chance of Big Seek not making it as the ‘final’ method. It’s one of the those ‘happy medium’ things he put in and it worked good enough where we could continue on and nothings replaced it yet. :slight_smile:


Awesome. thx.