Chromecast and Galaxy S8 Timeout?




I decided to ditch the FireTV and go with a Chromecast to make it easier for the fiance and "little dudes" to cast content. Overall it was a great purchase and things are running relatively smooth. When we are casting content from the S8 everything works fine, load times are quick. However, if the phone sits idle (not actually idle, just idle in terms of Plex interaction) the Chromecast does not show up in the list of "Cast" devices. Force closing the app does nada, we have to do a full power cycle on the device so we can connect again. The downstairs media center however, always shows up no problem. Is there something we can do to modify the timeout? Is it a bug? Anything I can do to assist whether it be logs or testing, just let me know. Thanks!


I fear it’s something Samsung related. I also have issues sometimes with the phone of my wife (samsung J5 neo) that it either cannot see plex, or can see plex but does not manage to cast anything.
I’ve never seen something similar with my phone (motorola g3)

And force-closing the plex app won’t help indeed. Discovery of chromecast is handled by the google play services framework. I tend to believe the bug is somewhere there, and plex won’t be able to do anything about it.
I’ve had a look at android logs when it happened, and I did see very strange traces in the google play services, but nothing that could really help me.