Chromecast not displaying Hebrew subtitles



First, thank you for your great work!

second, I can now stream video to my Chromecast,

On my Google TV the Plex show Hebrew subs just fine

However when I try to add Hebrew subtitles to my Chromecast (by using LG G2 Android phone), it doesn't display them.


Any advise?


If you test with other language subtitles (even English), are they working for you?


Hi Chris

It does work, and I found a solution for the Hebrew subtitels on Plex / Chromcast

I had to add heb before the .srt

so if a movie file name was movie.mkv changing the subtitle file name to sloved the issue.

thanks for your support!


Ah, yes, external subtitles do need to be named in such a way that the server knows what language they are.  You can find some details in the [Subtitles Guide](