Chromecast Ultra missing off last line of SRT subtitles



Hi all,

Can anyone reproduce this?

Every Movie or TV episode I stream (direct or transcode) to my Chromecast Ultra with SRT subtitles, doesn't display the very last line in the SRT file.

If i play it through PMP though, it displays perfectly.

Trying to figure out if this is a bug or not?




Anyone with either a Chromecast or Ultra able to test this out for me please?

Thank you


I don't have an Ultra, just the original CC. Do you mean the last line of a multiple line text, or the very last line of the movie? I have not seen either issue, but would like to better understand what you are seeing.


Hey, thanks for replying.
Yeah I mean the very last subtitle of the movie, regardless of it being single or multi line. Bit strange!


Can you provide me the srt file for a movie that this happens on? It may be the file itself.


Sure. Thanks for taking the time to look into this.
The SRT file was created with 'Subtitle Edit' ( which converted from the BD's original PGS sub.

The last subtitle (in the attached file's case, number 83) not appearing problem, seems to happen with any SRT i try.


Any luck with the file?


I am having the same problem with a Chromecast 2.


Operating System: FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE (FreeNAS 9.10-U2)
Plex Media Server:
Chromecast Firmware: 1.24.88007

Log and subtitle are attached.


i can confirm this. i just added a blank line after the last line using characters that are like spaces but aren't, that way it won't show but it will then play what was previously the last line. obviously this is not 'real' fix but a workaround for my favourite movie with subs.