[Clarify Versity]



"I'm honest"

I find that Woody skin is very pretty, Versity born from this idea.

I have dedicated a lot of time to run in all its parts Versity with PHT. First, anyone who has taken the trouble to try Woody will have realized that Versity, apart from the style and work with PHT, has more options of Woody skin.
The Woody has a single visual "list", I created all the other and the same goes for "settings". I worked all changing xml files where needed; I made so many changes to cure the details, she does not remember them all. I created and modified almost all the pictures, I copied some.

copied images:

backgrounds "login.png, system.png, search.png" (AeonNox5);
discs resolution "3d.png" to "webdl.png" (AeonNox5);
flags folder (AeonNox5) "except STUDIOS folder";
the forwarding / frames folder / loading (Woody); osd_mute.png the file (Woody);
All Images "dialog" of the media folder (Woody).
Precise that the folder STUDIOS, originally of a skin which unfortunately can not remember the name, I update constantly, adding each time new missing logos copying them from other skins and changing the resolution where necessary, but mostly taken by Google Image and then modified. Such folder had half of logos with different resolutions different from each other.

xml codes (Woody):

all controlled, many changed, rewritten or corrected, for the new Versity operation.
Where needed I read and tried to understand the code of other skin mode of Kodi and PHT to adapt to Versity. The only "copy paste the entire code" (given the code length) is exposed by MagnumDoomguy in the post; many strings are extrapolated from other skin decrypted and rewritten in my files for the best Versity operation. To my usefulness in the codes, the word "Kyo" is only served me, and will serve to index the codes for searches.


The two English files and Italian, are original to the skin Plex PHT.
I've recompiled adding new entries in English and then translating them into Italian.

Personally, I never intended to claim authorship of the work undertaken by other talented skinner, in fact, I'm not ashamed to say that many ideas for building Versity, I took them from the skin you love most:
"AeonNox5, Plex Black Edition, Aeon MQ5 (Kodi)".
I've never had the pleasure of working with skinner of Bignoid caliber, etc. and never I'd attribute to my merits not with the hard work of others. The observation of MagnumDoomguy is right, maybe not so.
Just I wanted to give other people the chance to have a skin more in their library like me, assuming someone else's material posted was simply "free."

Versity is and remains the fruit of a long and hard-working staff. I hope I have clarified the misunderstanding.