Clear, Simple, Current Drobo Server Update Instructions



Updating my Drobo Server each time an update is needed is proving incredibly hard. I see LOTS of threads with LOTS of semi-contradictory advice, dating back years. Most/all of it doesn't work for me AND in the latest posts it seems that maybe there is a current issue with updating the servers even for people more technically skilled than me. Oh, and many/most of the explanations assume a technical expertise above my knowledge level.

It seems like the update process should be seamless but failing that it should be easy enough for people with decent computer skills to execute based on clear, easily available directions and that process should be reliable in that it should work every time if done properly. As it is, I mostly build a new server each time from scratch. This seems, err, inefficient.

I am at wit's end on how to make sense of updating Plex. I have really tried to figure this out short of posting here and I am not an internet/tech incompetent. I am better than most, tho far worse than some. If I struggle, the majority has no shot, I believe. Anyway, help, please?


I have to take a few steps but haven’t had many issues:
I download the file to my machine, I then move the file to \drobo5n\DroboApps (I find Windows 10 does the annoying thing of going into \drobo5n\DroboApps\Plex if saving direct (WHY MS WHY!))
I then delete .servicerc (Can rename, I find with this kept on it doesn’t update. It may have been fixed but I am now set in my ways)
I then instruct the Drobo5n to restart via the Drobo software
Wait for it to restart
In the Drobo app instruct Plex to run
After a minutes its running


I wrote up a blog post about how to upgrade Plex through the command line on the Drobo5n. The nice thing about this process is that you don’t need to restart the Drobo. It’s worked a few updates in a row for me. Today I just upgraded to via this process. Basically it’s 1. downloading the code, 2. pushing it to the Drobo, 3. log in via SSH and unzip the file in a home directory. Then 4. copy the unzipped directory to the current application directory overwriting everything with the update. 5. Stop the server, 6. start the server and it’s updated. I’ve posted the process at



This is how I do it using a windows machine and winrar
1/Turn off PMS on the drobo (not sure this is necessary but i do anyway)
2/ Goto your drobo drive/folder ( i have mine mapped)
3/ Open Droboapps
4/ Drop the latest plex.tgz into that folder (you will see folders like plex, DroboAccess, myDrobo etc )
5/ Double click plex.tgz - winrar opens and you can see the files
6/ Click extract to
Extraction path and options opens showing the destination path as \DROBO\DroboApps\plex (or close to that but it will get it right)
7/ Click OK - Then the next box click YES to ALL (this overwrites the “old” files)
If this box does NOT pop up you are extracting to the wrong place - go back

You then will see the files being extracted and some minutes later when finished close winrar and restart PMS.
Your Drobo does not need to reboot!

You can leave the plex.tgz there and just overwrite it when the next update comes along.